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Justin Edwards is a talented, motivated, and experienced web application development professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico. This personal site may serve as a resume, blog, portfolio, or more.

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Web Technologies


Experience building, designing, and styling web sites ranking from single page marketing sites to responsive large-scale application front-ends.

PHP / Wordpress

Developing e-commerce, marketing, media, and other web applications using PHP and Wordpress.


Experience with Javascript, jQuery, and other libraries as well. Especially dynamic content building and display and font-end/back-end interactions. Including Angular and React


Experience servicing and developing Rest APIs in Django and Django Rest Framework (DRF)

Ruby On Rails

Experience producing and deploying a Ruby On Rails application. The application sought to gamifiy carbon-emission reduction. The application was deployed on Heroku.

Play Framework

JustinEdwards.me was written using PlayFramework with a Scala back-end.



Mostly object oriented design. Used Spring, Tomcat, Swing, and more. Have written parsers, tokenizers, simulations and other graphically intense applications.


Experience running programs on super-computer clusters. Experience with high performance computing paradigms such as MPI, OpenMP, and CUDA.


Scripting language of choice. Wrote a router using Scapy and python which did deep packet inspection and censorship.


Experienced Ruby and rails developer

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